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Fidelity Power Systems Pro IT Series

Professional Feel, Amateur Fun!

Host Region Information

SERIES SPONSOR - The title sponsor for the Pro IT Series is Fidelity Power Systems. All references to the series in event publicity, race announcements and results must refer to the Fidelity Power Systems Pro IT Series.

RULES - The Pro IT Series runs under the SCCA Club Racing GCR. The series has additional rules regarding car eligibility, prize distribution, etc. They can be found at http://proitseries.com/pro-it-series/series-rules and should be included by reference in the event Supplemental Regulations.

REVIEW - Touring Race Promotions requests the host region provide the TRP a copy of the proposed Supplemental Regulations / Schedule before the sanction request is submitted to Club Racing so that the Pro IT aspects of the event can be reviewed.

SANCTION - A separate sanction is strongly recommended for a Pro IT Series race. Most regions use the One Group Regional to obtain this sanction.

RESERVED NUMBERS - The Pro IT Series maintains a list of reserved numbers for its regular competitors. The complete list can be found at http://www.njrrs.com/proit/ProITReservedNumbers.pdf . The Series Administrator can provide a file for the registration system.

OFFICIALS - The Pro IT Series is designed to function as an additional group in an SCCA Club Race event. It is supported by the event officials including Registration, Grid and Tech. The series has a Series Chief Steward who administers the series rules and serves as the operating steward for Pro IT races.

SCHEDULE - The normal requirements for a Pro IT event are 20-30 minutes for qualifying and a 40-45 minute race. The qualifying can be in one or two sessions. Qualifying and racing can take place on one day or spread over the two day event.

Many Pro IT competitors also enter the weekend competition (double dip). In order to facilitate this option and increase the weekend entry, it is recommended that the Pro IT sessions and the corresponding event groups (ITx, STL and SM) be scheduled with at least one intervening race group so that competitors do not have back to back sessions.

AWARDS - Touring Race Promotions is responsible for the event and year end monetary awards. These awards are funded with the per car fee paid to the TRP. Starting in 2017, TRP will also provide the trophies for class leaders at all Pro IT events.

POST RACE RECOGNITION - Traditionally Pro IT class winners are given victory laps followed by a Victory Circle awards ceremony.

COMPLIANCE - The Pro IT Series Chief Steward will coordinate with the Chief of Tech to determine compliance checks consistent with the time and resources available.